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Spring 2017

Date Lesson Topic Class Notes Homework Handout
Jan 17 1 Introducing Yourself 第0堂笔记 HW1 Handout1
Jan 24 2 Numbers/Happy Chinese New Year! Handout2
Jan 31 3 Let’s Hang out! HW2 Handout3
Feb 7 4 Yum Cha! 第4堂笔记 HW3 Handout4
Feb 14 5 Yum Cha! Part 2 第5堂笔记 HW4 Handout5
Feb 21 6 Transportation Handout6
Feb 28 7 College Life Handout7
Mar 7 Midterm HW5 喜欢你 Lyrics
Mar 21 9 Grocery Shopping 第9堂笔记 Handout9
Mar 28 10 A Trip to Pittsburgh Handout10
Apr 4 11 Going to the Doctor Handout11
Apr 11 12 Shopping for Clothes Handout12
Apr 18 13 When I was Little 第13堂笔记 Handout13
Apr 25 14 Nice Weather! Handout14
May 2 15 Final Project Due



Try to find a partner from the class. Shoot a video of you two introducing yourselves to each other using the phrases we learned.

  • Rename your file to hw1-andrewid1-andrewid2, where andrewid1 and andrewid2 are your Andrew IDs.
  • Due on Tuesday, January 24 by 6:30pm.
  • ➡️ ⬅️


Take a video of you describing your day. Use 我朝早…;我中午… etc.

  • Rename your file to hw2-andrewid. Summit your work here.
  • Due on Tuesday, February 7 by 6:30pm.


Due on Tuesday, February 14 by 6:30pm.

  1. Pick 10 characters from the handout and fill them into the Cantonese Pinyin table.
  2. We need your feedback! Please take a short survey on how we can improve.


Due on Tuesday, February 21 by 6:30pm.

  • Practice reading “入实验室揿紧急掣”, and record yourself reading it. Example

Rename your file to hw4-andrewid and summit it here


The midterm exam will be held in class on Mar 7. Please contact Justin or Patrick if you need a make up exam.


Due on Tuesday, March 21 by 6:30pm.

  • In the 《喜欢你》lyrics handout, there are words with multiple pronunciations. Which one is the correct pronunciation? Listen to the song, use a dictionary or use the Internet to find out. Submit your answers here: .
  • (Optional) Learn to sing the song if you like it!

Final Project

Due on Tuesday, May 2 before class. Rename your file into andrewid1-andrewid2-…-andrewidn and summit your work below.


  1. 喺餐廳

    • 侍應同食客
    • 創作一段對話,點你最中意食嘅嘢。
    • 啲嘢好唔好食?你鍾唔鍾意?同朋友討論。
  2. 週末計畫

    • 問朋友得唔得閒
    • 討論你哋諗住做乜嘢,去邊度。
    • 決定你哋幾時去,點去。
  3. 買餸

    • 你同一班朋友一齊煮餸,你哋會煮啲乜嘢?
    • 你要買啲乜?
    • 去問街市小販「點賣啊?」…
    • 幾多錢?貴定平?同老闆講價。
  4. 你嘅城市

    • 你係邊度嚟㗎?介紹下你嘅城市啦!你個城市喺邊度?你鍾意你個城市啲乜嘢?你細個嗰陣時,你做啲乜嘢?同邊個做?你喺你個城市多數係搭車,揸車,行路定係踩單車?你個城市天氣係點樣?
  5. 睇醫生

    • (有醫生同病人)
    • 你唔舒服,去睇醫生。你同醫生講咩也?
  6. 自己揀話題

    • 揀個有趣/得意嘅話睇同我哋分享啊!

In groups of 2 - 4, pick one from the scenarios and act. Shoot a video.

  1. In the restaurant
    • Waiter, Person A(, B and C)
    • Come up with a conversation and order your favorite food
    • Discuss the taste of the food. Did you enjoy it or not?
  2. Make a plan for the weekend
    • Ask your friend if he/she is free
    • Discuss what you’re going to do. Where are you going?
    • Decide when you’re going and how you’re getting there
  3. Buying groceries
    • You and your friends are preparing a big dinner. What dishes are you making?
    • Lookup the words for the ingredients you need and buy them!
    • Ask the vendor “…點賣啊?” (“How are they sold?”)
    • Discuss the price. Is it too expensive or is it cheap? Bargain with the vender.
  4. A story about your city
    • What’s the city you are from? Tell us about it!
    • Where is it? What are the things you like about your city? When you were little, what activities did you like to do and with whom? How did you get to places, on foot, by bike, or by car etc.? What’s the weather usually like?
    • You can also talk about your favorite city if you like.
  5. Going to the doctor
    (Doctor and patients)
    • Imagine you are not feeling very well and are going to the doctor. What’s the problem? What are the symptoms?
  6. Topic of your choice
    • Any other fun things you want to act.

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Please rename your file into andrewid1-andrewid2-…-andrewidn

Well done! You made it!