Date Lesson Topic Class Notes Homework Handout
Aug 30 0 Introducing Yourself 第0堂笔记 HW0 Handout0
Sep 6 1 Numbers, Time and Phonetics 第1堂笔记 HW1 Handout1
Sep 13 2 Mid-autumn Festival! - Handout2
Sep 20 3 Dim Sum / Yum Cha 第3堂笔记 - Handout3
Sep 27 4 方位 -
Oct 4 5 Final Particles 粤语里的语气词 -
Oct 11 6 Midterm / Are you free? - - Handout6
Oct 18 7 Grocery Shopping! - - Handout7
Oct 18 8 On the Go! - - Handout8
Oct 18 9 How does It Taste? - - Handout9
Oct 18 10 The Seasons / Weather - - Handout10
Dec 4 Final Project Due - - -



Try to find a partner from the class. Shoot a video of you two introducing yourselves to each other using the phrases we learned.

Practice - Week2

Practice Cantonese Pinyin by reading out the words here. Feel how each Pinyin is pronounced…

  • Familiarize yourself with the poem.
  • Nothing to be turned in this time.


The midterm was on Oct 11 in class. If you need to take a makeup exam, please email both of the instructors.

Final Project

The final project is due on Dec 4 by the end of the day.

Final Project 2016 Fall

In groups of 2 - 4, pick one from the scenarios and act. Shoot a video.
Submit your work to

  1. In the restaurant
    a) Waiter, Person A(, B and C)
    b) Come up with a conversation and order your favorite food
    c) Discuss the taste of the food. Did you enjoy it or not?
  2. Make a plan for the weekend
    a) Ask your friend if he/she is free
    b) Discuss what you’re going to do, where are you going?
    c) Decide when you’re going and how you’re getting there
  3. Buying groceries
    a) Lookup the words for your favorite vegetable/meat/other food.
    b) Ask the vender “…點賣啊?”(“How are they sold?”)
    c) Discuss the price. Is it too expensive or is it cheap? Bargain with the vender.
  4. Tell a story
    a) Recount a good time when you were travelling/ got great food/ enjoyed an activity/ enjoyed the weather.
    b) What have you done / What were you doing?
    c) Incorporate the past tense we learned.
  5. Topic of your choice
    a) Any other fun things you want to act.


  1. 喺餐廳
    a) 侍應同食客
    b) 創作一段對話,點你最中意食嘅嘢
    c) 啲嘢好唔好食?同朋友討論
  2. 週末計畫
    a) 問朋友得唔得閒
    b) 討論你哋諗住做乜嘢,去邊度
    c) 決定你哋幾時去,點去
  3. 買嘢
    a) 查一查你最中意嘅蔬菜/肉/(其他)食物叫乜嘢名
    b) 問老闆「…點賣啊?」
    c) 同朋友討論價錢。啲嘢貴定平?同老闆還價
  4. 講故仔(gu2 zai2)
    a) 講一次你享受嘅旅遊經歷,或者食到好嘢,歎世界之類
    b) 你做咗乜嘢?/你嗰時做緊乜嘢?
    c) 試下用我哋學個嘅“咗”字講個去發生嘅事(當然,都可以用“過”,“嗰時”等等)
  5. 自己揀話題
    a) 揀個有趣(得意)嘅話睇同我哋分享啊!


  1. 喺餐厅
    a) 侍应同食客
    b) 创作一段对话,点你最中意食嘅嘢
    c) 啲嘢好唔好食?同朋友讨论
  2. 周末计划
    a) 问朋友得唔得闲
    b) 讨论你哋谂住做乜嘢,去边度
    c) 决定你哋几时去,点去
  3. 买嘢
    a) 查一查你最中意嘅蔬菜/肉/(其他)食物叫乜嘢名
    b) 问老板“…点卖啊?”
    c) 同朋友讨论价钱。啲嘢贵定平?同老板还价
  4. 讲故仔(gu2 zai2)
    a) 讲一次你享受嘅旅游经历,或者食到好嘢,叹世界之类
    b) 你做咗乜嘢?/你嗰时做紧乜嘢?
    c) 试下用我哋学个嘅“咗”字讲个去发生嘅事(当然,都可以用“过”,“嗰时”等等)
  5. 自己拣话题
    a) 拣个有趣(得意)嘅话睇同我哋分享啊!